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Try an <Unofficial> Journey - download one here!

Note: this is an UNOFFICIAL website made by volunteers. It is NOT endorsed by GSUSA.

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You can download these NON-OFFICIAL journeys right now and try them out with your troop.

Email me (contact below) and let me know your contact information, leaders, if you plan to try out one of these Journey examples. Then let me know how your troop likes it.

IMPORTANT: these are NOT official Journeys - - they are drafts that we hope National will want to adopt, and/or use in their planning process.


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When following any camping activity, make sure to follow all your Council's rules and have all trainings and First Aid training too, before your troop goes on a campout, overnight, etc. There are procedures to follow to make sure your girls (and you) stay safe.

Not sure what your rules or paperwork entails? Contact your Council.

Stay safe - - and have fun...

The NEW Journey Guide for all levels:

Here is a Multi-age Journey example for all levels.

This template/Example can be used for all ages. Here is Jennifer J.'s description for her NEW Journey Example: " Multi-age model for the Outdoor Journey. This ideally works in troops where the flex is only bridging 2 levels, but could be modified for flex troops with more levels or even for service units with enough organization, and every girl could still simultaneously work on the Outdoor Journey."

How to do Daisy Journeys in the Outdoors and at Camp

by Rhonda Robinson, Charlotte, NC.

Daisy Journey Activities in the Outdoors

The Junior Journey Example and Standards:

The Junior Journey Example is here: Junior Camping Capers and the Standards to go with them. Feedback - suggestions - and what you liked or didn't like is appreciated after your troop has done the activities. We will endeavor to have a downloadable Feedback Form for you here soon.

Keep in mind, these are not official Journeys, just examples that we are submitting soon to GSUSA for approval and possible changes. Fun outdoor badges that go with these Journeys will come soon too.

Are you having trouble downloading these files? Just go to the PDF Adobe Reader download page.

You can find more Journey Examples, news and discussions on the Files page at the Outdoor Journey Facebook Page.

Thank you to my many volunteer helpers!

Many people have gone to the Outdoor Journey group and have listed their expertise, in order to work for the Project. Thank you, everyone!

We are doing this for the girls, and for the future of the Girl Scout Program. Girl Scouting is still the VERY BEST program for girls out there. We love it!

If you can help with other Journeys for other levels, or would like to work on Badges that go with these, please join the Outdoor Journey Yahoo group, and post your idea, or contact me personally from there or from the contact information below.

Send me more <unofficial> Outdoor Journey ideas!

Contact me email and address

And here is another copy of the famous Girl Scout Progression chart some councils use. I like it!

Girl Scout Progression chart

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